I spent my early childhood in Queens, New York then moved to Bergenfield, New Jersey at the age of 15. Even at a young age, I simply knew how to help people. From massaging the feet of my diabetic father to giving back massages at sleep away camp, I truly just knew what people most needed and how to provide that. Often even giving advice to adults and teachers, I seemed to be able to offer wisdom that came from somewhere else. It wasn't until I was older and began to receive training that I realized I had been channeling from Spirit for most of my life.


When I was in my early twenties, I participated in my first drum circle and it was a life changing experience. Like many of my other gifts, I have been able to tap into rhythm and life beats without training. Drumming and Percussion are very much a part of who I am and the healing work I do. 


Also during my early twenties, I became a Reiki Master. Learning about Reiki was just another modality that made sense for me and really helped me understand myself and some of my gifts on a deeper level. Reiki is a way of facilitating healing by channeling universal life force energy and I discovered that I have an extraordinary ability to sense and move energy, including for healing and clearing out blocks and negativity. 


Around the age of 30, I met Chief Tuebear, Peace Chief of the Four Directions, and his wife Ocie Wolffe, a medicine woman in her own right. There was an immediate connection; Chief Tuebear was a “new old-friend”. I became their Warrior and part of their family. Through working and learning with them, I went from having self-doubt about my gifts to knowing that my gifts are real and tangible. And that greatly helped me to appreciate and utilize them in a more meaningful way.


On one of our travels, Chief Tuebear, Ocie and I were staying in the home of Jay and Sandy Potvin in Coldspring, TX. My immediate connection to Jay and Sandy was so familiar that our relationship blossomed.  They adopted me as their son in ceremony. Sandy was the Second Chief of the Southern Cherokee and Associated Bands in Texas and Jay was the President of the Warriors Society. The adoption happened years after our meeting in this lifetime and showed that I was an active tribal member. 

Another time of profound change for me, as for many, happened on September 11, 2001. As a New Yorker, I felt compelled to go and do whatever I could to help. I initially went because I felt that there were still people alive and I wanted to help find them. I ended up at the Jacob Javits Convention Center helping volunteers working at ground zero. Eventually, I set up my massage table and chair to provide a variety of healing modalities for anyone who needed it.  I would offer Reiki, hand and foot massage and spirit guided counseling at no cost. I was often there up to three days a week for several months while also working a full-time job. The experience helped me become more sensitive to each individual’s experience. Everyone processes similar experiences in different ways, and this taught me that each individual truly needs their own unique path for healing.

The most dramatic change in my life came when my son was born. Becoming a parent adds a new perspective to any life and a deeper understanding of how much love you can feel for another individual. His birth emphasized the importance of my life's path and the lightwork I was sent here to do. I want to follow my heart each and every day and move beyond my fears and old wounds, and do as Spirit guides me. I want to be my most authentic self, and to respect and honor who I really am, so I can be the example my son deserves so that he grows up with the courage to follow his dreams and knows how very loved and amazing he is.


I love what I do and am grateful every day to be able to help others so profoundly.  The thing I love most about my work is that it always has an element of something new, so I feel I am continuously learning and growing along with my clients. I approach my work with the desire that Spirit help guide me to ease, nudge or encourage someone towards their next stage of development. Shining a light on the dark corners of one’s soul can be intimidating or scary but is infinitely less so when you have a guide to show you the way. I am grateful to have learned techniques via the eternal wisdom that Spirit has blessed me with.  It’s given my own difficult life journey so much meaning, purpose and joy. 


I look forward to sharing my many gifts to help facilitate your own personal transformation and healing.

Ocie Wolffe, Richard Malz and Chief TueBear at a ceremony at Stonehenge in England.

My Journey

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