Please check my events calendar to see when I will be at Expos, Festivals, Powwows or teaching workshops and classes.

Below is a list of some of the Expos and other events I participate at.

Mum Spiritual Holistic Expos: Metaphysical Universal Ministries organizes two Spiritual Holistic Expos annually. "The one that opened the door..."  You will leave feeling Spiritually, Emotionally and Mentally fulfilled by the wondrous experiences you will encounter here.  Both Expos are held at the Allentown Fairgrounds AgriPlex, 302 N. 17th St. Allentown PA, the third weekends of May and September.

Celebration of Life Expo: The expo is the culmination of the life work of New Visions Books & Gifts, as they present this forum for people of like-minds and like hearts to come together to enjoy their lives, raise consciousness, and have a lot of fun while doing it! The expo is held annually in August at the York Expo Center in Memorial Hall East in York, PA.

Expos and Events

News and Events

One Spirit Festival: Sponsored by the Church of All Creation. One Heart, One Mind, One Spirit - the energy that connects us all.  That energy is expressed through the Creative Arts, through our innate connection with the Divine, and through the resonance of our thoughts and prayers for World Peace and the Highest Good of all. The festival is held each April and September at the Clinton Community Center,

63 Halstead Street, Clinton, NJ.

Solstice and Spiritfest Expos: Sponsored by the Society For Metaphysical Enlightenments, a non-profit organization created by individuals who seek greater understanding of our world and life and who recognize, respect and support all forms of thought and spiritual pursuits. The expos are held each June and October at the New Hope Eagle Volunteer Fire House, 46 N Sugan Rd, New Hope, PA.

Radiant Light Expo: Sponsored by the Radiant Light Healing and Teaching Center.  The aim is to create a radiant light of hope, healing, health and wellness, using new empirical, innovative and exciting holistic healing methods and tools for the Body, Mind and Spirit. The expo is held each March at the Inn at Reading, 1040 North Park Road, Wyomissing, PA.


More events coming soon!

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