I was ordained as a minister in the Congregation of Spiritual Alternatives in 2001. I officiate weddings, spiritual life passage ceremonies from birth to death, spiritual cleansing of hearth and home and any other significant event that would have meaning for you and your family.

I feel that in our modern culture we’ve really lost a lot of our connection with Spirit, ourselves, one another and our community because so many of the old traditions, ceremonies and celebrations that were so meaningful to our ancestors have been forgotten.  It is so easy to feel alone and even hopeless when we don’t actively acknowledge, nurture and honor our connections.  I always feel such a sense of joy when I am asked to share in celebrating with others, one that is both humbling and heart-opening.

Please contact me if you’d like to discuss a special event, ceremony or even starting a new tradition that I can help guide and facilitate for you and your loved ones.

Spiritual Celebrations

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