At 39 years of age, after the first play of a weekend basketball game, I found myself unable to walk due to a fully torn Achilles tendon.
The next morning I went to the orthopedist and was given the following chronologic scenario for this injury, as is the normal course based on history: 1) Immediate Surgery, 2) Casting of my leg to the knee for the next 6 to 8 weeks, 3) This would be followed by 6 months of physical therapy, and 4) Then finally I would have convalesced to the point of normal gait.

About one week after the surgery I met Richard at a function, he asked me what had happened and I explained.  He then asked me if I would mind if he performed a small noninvasive procedure on my leg.  I asked him what he was going to do and he told me that he was a Reiki Master and that he would perform Reiki on my leg.  Being skeptical at the time, I replied, “Reiki, it sounds more like Crazy to me, but if you want to try to heal my leg with this Reiki, give it a try”.  He then seemed to put himself into a prayer like state.  He asked me to extend my leg, and barely touching my cast he put his hands on either side of the cast.  Within seconds of him doing this, I felt an intense heat in my leg through the cast that was inexplicable to me at the moment.  Richard then told me that this heat had been the transference of healing energy from his body to my leg.  Not yet a believer, I said, “OK THEN, THANKS”!!!

About a week and a half later I went to my doctor to have the wound from the surgery checked and the cast changed.  The doctor examined my leg and started to ask me numerous questions as to what I had done in the last two and half weeks that may have caused the healing process to advance so quickly.  He said that the normal recovery period for one to achieve this level of convalescence would require another three to five weeks in a cast, followed by six months of physical therapy.   Not only did he not put me in another cast for the next three to five weeks, I did not need to do any of the normal physical therapy.  The doctor told me that, in all of his years of practice, and they were numerous, he had never seen this rate of recovery from this injury and consequent surgery.

I can only attribute this miraculous recovery to the work that Richard had done just a short time earlier.  Although I was a bit skeptical prior, I AM A TRUE BELIEVER IN THE HEALING POWERS THAT RICHARD POSSESES.  - Douglas Kaplan

"Several years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and one of my afflictions is severe stress and tension in my neck and shoulder area. Unfortunately, this results in constant discomfort and headaches.  Being the intuitive, soulful man Richard is, he would take me aside and use his hands to draw away the pain. I don’t know what he does exactly, but it is absolutely wonderful! I become pain free, energized, and this feeling lasts for weeks afterward! Richard’s Healing Touch is truly amazing!" - Susan M.

"Having known this exceptionally talented practitioner for around 20 years now, I can honestly say that he has magick in his hands. His massage and energy working skills have contributed to my being alive and functioning healthily. I cannot emphasize enough just how wonderful his technique and skill level are! He truly is a life saver and one of my great heroes!" - Richard J. Treitner

"I've known Richard Malz for about 15 years. I can recall on two occasions when modern medicine had failed that I went to Richard for Reiki. I was in a car accident as a child. Although the doctors had repaired my leg, it would occasionally hurt from minor complications. Several years after the accident, I was working at a place that required me to routinely walk 2 flights of stairs. After climbing so many stairs, one day the pain was excruciating. Richard performed Reiki and since then, the pain had subsided and hasn't returned. On another occasion, bone spurs had accumulated in my heel. After refusing steroid shots from a fear of needles, the doctor gave no other options. Richard's subsequent Reiki treatment had taken the pain away in a matter of days. In the first case, Richard performed hands-on Reiki. In the second case, he was living in Florida, while I was living in New York. This proves that long-distance between Richard and his client doesn't exist. Richard's skill in the movement of energies travels through the spirit realm with no regard to space or time!" - Elizabeth Zemalkowski  

“I had a session with Richard at the Allentown Expo.  It was a little strange at first because there are so many people around, but that quickly faded away as I focused on what Richard had to say.  He did a lot of Reiki/energy work, which he explained as he went along.  He intuitively knew that I had a lot of hip pain (from a car accident years ago).  By the time I got up out of the chair, my pain was significantly reduced.  And it's stayed improved ever since as well.  I've had a lot of therapies over the years, from traditional physical therapy to other Reiki practitioners, and none of them had even come close to the level of relief that Richard was able to provide.  I was very impressed.  

I was also impressed with the various insights he shared with me.  Probably more than anything, I felt like he really saw and heard the real me on a level most people don't, which provided a certain healing just in that.  Overall, it was a profound experience.  I've also had the privilege of helping him out at a later expo, where I saw him treat each and every one of his clients the same way.  You can just tell that he really, truly cares about what he is doing and each person that he is helping.  He is incredibly adept at customizing each session to be the best possible experience for each person.  Richard is amazingly insightful, accurate and there is just something undeniably true and real about what he does.  He tells each person what they really need to hear to give whatever nudge they need to start making real changes and improvements in their lives.  


And he does all this with humor and compassion, providing a safe place for you to start your own healing journey or take it to the next level.  Being around Richard, especially when he is working, you can just tell how connected he is to everything, both to divine guidance and healing energy and yet also very grounded in the here and now of reality.  Richard is open and authentic, freely shares that he is a 'wounded' healer; that he's had to, and continues to, overcome a lot in his own life.  I think that helps people feel able to trust him even more and maybe feel less alone and lost on their own journey.  Ultimately, it makes him feel more accessible and relatable, that even though he is so talented and wise, he understands exactly what it’s like to suffer.  Richard's work can provide a real catalyst for true healing to begin.  What happens next, how far you want to take that, is up to you.” – Janice T.

“YOU ROCK -  I would recommend you to anyone. I have never seen anything or anyone that can do what you do. NIIICE!!” - Michael Herbolist

“I just want to thank you again for what you did for me, I woke up today with NO pain for the first time in months.  I appreciate everything you did for me and we will see each other again.” -Colleen R.


“Richard, I purchased Palo Santo from you at the Expo this weekend (upon Dr. Elizabeth Webb's recommendation) where you blessed my flute, and me, and brought me to my new creativity stone, Phenacite. I want you to know that I truly appreciate you taking an interest in my expansion and that in giving two healing sessions this week I opened to even more unlimited potential within my being. Your assistance was critical to unblocking my creative energy in my work as well as my music. Much love and blessings to you.”  - Donna Luhrs

“Yes a true healer. I had heel spurs and knee pain for a long time. I was tired of going to doctors they didn't do much but take my money. So when I met Richard at a holistic fair in New Hope, PA in June 2016, I took a chance and sat for a Reiki session. WOW. What an amazing healer. My left knee has little or NO PAIN same with my back. He knew things about me from that session hardly anyone knows. He healed me from within of my issues and healed my knee. I am a firm believer in his sessions and what he teaches. Reiki healing WORKS.” – Patti S.



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